We are Maia, a 4 piece alternative, acoustic band from Huddersfield playing all sorts of disco sci-fi folk pop on ukulele, cajon, trumpet, banjo, mandolin or whatever else is lying around!

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Maia The Band

Latest News

Video – Finite World

Finite World

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New EP Launch – Finite World

We will be launching our EP Finite World on 19th of April at Jumbo Records in Leeds.

Finite World EP.
Pressed on 10″ virgin vinyl. Inner sleeve with photos and lyric sheet. Ltd and numbered 1-300. In a beautiful screen printed hand crafted wooden sleeve.

A side.
1. Finite World
2. Maisie

AA side.
3. Small High Whistle From A Bird
4. Milky Boy

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Video – In The Springtime

In The Woods 2012 Barn Session

View “In The Springtime” on YouTube

Gig Updates

Experience some  sci-fi folk at the following venues in 2014 !

Tickets for shows here:

Fri 21 Feb – The Courthouse  - Otley

1 April – The Printworks – Wakefield

2 April – The Musician – Leicester

6 April – Support Curtis Eller, The Maze – Nottingham

10 April – Support Curtis Eller, Civic Theatre – Barnsley

24 April – The Chambers – Folkstone

25 April – The Stables – Milton Keynes

26 April – Miss Peapods – Cornwall

29 April – The Bicycle Shop - Norwich

2 May – Chetams School Of  Music – Manchester

3 May – Whitby Spring Sessions

5 May – May Day – Chesterfield City Centre

10 May - Kirkgate Centre – Shipley

11 May – Holmfirth Folk Festival – Holmfirth

16 May – Leeds Brudenell- Supporting Stackridge !

17 May  - The Bandroom- Kirbymooreside

18 May – La Rosa Hotel – Whitby

23 May  - Wharf Chambers – Leeds

24 May – Doncaster Folk Festival

28 May - Adelphi – Hull

29 May  - The Greystones – Sheffield

6 June  - George & Dragon – Belper Derbyshire

7-8 June  - Southwell Folk Festival

12-15 June  - Isle of  Wight Festival 

21 June  - DN7 Festival-Ash Hill Academy-Doncaster

18 July  – International Festival – MK

2 Aug  - The Cornerstone – Didcot, Oxon 

8 Aug  - Ilford Arts – Bradford Upon Avon

6 Sept – The Greystones –  Sheffield


Video – The Grandfather Plan

View “The Grandfather Plan” on Vimeo

Video – Zuma Aluma

View this on Vimeo

Maia in iPhone punch up! 4 iPhones and an iPad do damage!

Living In The Alligator

EP available to buy 12th March 2012

View this on Vimeo

Video – Where Else But Earth

View this on Vimeo

Maia – “Where Else But Earth”, directed by our friends Another Lazy Sunday.

Video – Constant Play

Constant Play

View “Constant Play” on YouTube

Debut album available to buy online

Maia - the debut album A limited edition of 350, the CD comes packaged in a branded and numbered wooden sleeve. Buy online from our label, Vandal Records, for £10.00

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A brief history of...


Tom Clegg – Guitar/ Ukulele/Vocals
Joe Haig – Piano/ Trumpet/Vocals
Simon Robinson – Guitar/Banjo/ Mandolin /Vocals
Will Fletcher – Drums/Cajon/Percussion

Part 1…

2010: We Invented sci-fi Folk, supported Anais Mitchell, played our first festival, saw the M1, M2 ,M3, M4 and M62 what seemed like a million times, released an album in a wooden sleeve and got played on the Radio!

2011: Continued to tour and record our second album, get a residency at the mighty Folke Newington, play for Sam Lee at the Magpies Nest then Fiish the year and start 2012 NYE at the Southbank!

2012: Sci Fi Folk Evangelists Maia continue to spread the word at no less than 15 festivals over the summer, from Hop Farm to Port Elliot! We shall continue to have a good look at the M1 and will have released “Pepper Stars” So into infinity and beyond star gazers.


Comments from the press:

“youthful, spirited, richly atmospheric and intelligently off-centre alt.folk pop” – Time Out

“Maia have undeniable chemistry on stage, they are mesmerising to watch both visually and musically” – HopFarm Festival

“Their songs deny genre boundaries and are a breathe of fresh air compared to the copycat rock and roll bands around today” – Supajam

“making music that’s simply outrageous, but a LOT of fun, and a marvel to experience.” 9/10 – Hooting and Howling Magazine

“Eclectic with surprising twists and turns throughout their set, Maia are very good atexecuting their own brand of whimsical folk. Upbeat and multi-instrumental, they set the right mood in the glade as feet tap and heads turn.” – Acoustic Magazine (In The Woods Festival)

“The four create gentle melodies and moderate the pace with timeless acoustic instruments” – LSD magazine

“there’s a bit of Beirut, some Deliverance-style banjo, a Mariachi band, some falsetto harmonies that sound a bit like MGMT (if they came from Yorkshire)” – For Folks Sake

“we’re really looking forward to hearing more” – Folk Radio UK

“odd, catchy and quite charming” – Never Enough Notes

“Their Duran-gone-folk sound is as infectious as a yawn, but they’re never likely to raise one from you” – Frost Magazine

“a combination of dreamy landscapes and rootsy instrumentation.” – The Monitors (band of the week)

“Almost shamanistically, it was as if they cast a spell over the audience, banishing stress and sorrow from all who were within earshot.” – Never Enough Notes (live troubadour)

“Much more than just another accoustic folk band, Maia are cut from a different cloth. Sounding like a harder brasher Mumford & Sons fused with Wild Beasts… i.e. pretty fucking fantastic. My new favourite band.” – This Is A Popscene

“Maia have a very unique sound indeed, however there are enough folk elements present for fans of the folk genre. The blending of genres seems like an odd one but Maia somehow manage to make it work like a charm.” – AAA Music

“The daring part is their ability to mix genres and defy categorization” – Folk World

“Remarkable. Foot-stompingly contagious. Fantastic gig, can’t wait to hear more from these genre-busting lads from Huddersfield.” – Never Enough Notes (live Troubadour)

A “sci-fi folk” group from huddersfield known as Maia, who were received with excitement and warmth” – The Times (Cambridge Folk)

“A special mention has to go to Maia, a ridiculously young folk band from Huddersfield who spen all afternoon sucking crowds into TheDen with their cutesy leaf-let marketing ploy (yes, you’ve guessed it, a flyer printed on a leaf) and then spend 45 minutes charming the audience and making sure the effort of finding them was worth it.” – Music OMH (Cambridge Folk)

“Musicianship, production values etc etc are of a very high standard throughout and the sheer breadth of the band’s vision is breathtaking. Highly recommended.” – Stirrings Magazine

“There is a real maturity to their music and, rather than holding them back, their youthfulness adds a fresh playful feel to their summery songs” 8/10 – The Ark (1st album)

“Maia is a cut above your typical singer-songwriter or acoustic-led rock band” – Huddersfield University Press

“The music is refreshing, exerting tones that don’t seems to draw too heavily from a single influence, but instead from totally immersing music” – The Upcoming

“We have a new folk group with grand vision, and charming character… Maia are special and I hasten to say it but, they have the ‘X-factor’. Go look them up now.” – Hyde Park

“a winning combination of simplicity and complexity… which is somewhat addictive” – Fatea Magzine

“Maia achieves a mature sound which belies both their age and the length of their existence” – SoundFreakz

“Simple, earthy vocals provide the commentary where, from out of nowhere it seems, Spanish brass provide the colour” – Trisickle Magazine

Stirrings Magazine: “sheer breadth of the band’s vision is breathtaking.”

Folk World: “The vocals seemingly come from another dimension in a less demonstrative Antony (and the Johnsons) Heggarty style. This has enough elements of folk for genre fans but covers an awful lot of ground and is one of the more compelling listens I have had in a while.”

For Folks Sake: “The most impressive aspect of Maia the Band is that they are more adventurous and eclectic within the course of a single song than some artists dare to be in their entire career”

Music by Maia

Maia: Finite World EP

Vinyl £10.00 / CD £5.00 from Vandal Records

Buy on Vinyl    Buy on CD

Pressed on 10″ virgin vinyl. Inner sleeve with photos and lyric sheet. Ltd and numbered 1-300. In a beautiful screen printed hand crafted wooden sleeve.

Track listing:
A side.
1. Finite World
2. Maisie

AA side.
3. Small High Whistle From A Bird
4. Milky Boy

Listen to snippets from Finite World:

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Maia: Pepper Stars

£10.00 from Vandal Records

Buy Now

Ltd Edition First run of 1000 comes with intergalactic embossed card in either bronze, silver or gold plus four beautiful Maia postage stamps and lyric sheet all contained in a Pepper Stars envelope. Buy your copy today!

Track listing:

1. Alien
2. Zuma Aluma
3. Alight Adventure
4. Pepper Stars
5. Dear iO
6. Where Else But Earth
7. The Boy
8. The Grandfather Plan
9. Sundown
10. Living In The Alligator
11. More Strangely Than The Moon
12. Four Angels
13. Constant Play
14. Towards The Onion

Listen to Pepper Stars online:

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Maia (the debut album)

£10.00 from Vandal Records

Buy Now

Initial copies packaged in a bespoke branded wooden sleeve.

Track listing:

1. In The Springtime
2. Windowsill Smoke
3. Dead Centre
4. Cargo
5. Fossil Minds
6. Samba Song
7. Hearts On The Hook
8. Ripe Afternoon
9. Pigs In
10. Sidelines
11. Melons
12. Windmill

Listen to the debut album online:

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Finite World

View “Finite World” on Vimeo


In The Springtime – In The Woods 2012 Barn Session

View “In The Springtime” on YouTube


The Grandfather Plan

View “The Grandfather Plan” on Vimeo


Zuma Aluma

Maia in iPhone punch up! 4 iPhones and an iPad do damage!

View this on Vimeo


Living In The Alligator

View this on Vimeo


Where Else But Earth

Made by those lovely people at Another Lazy Sunday

View “Where Else But Earth” on Vimeo


Constant Play

View “Constant Play” on YouTube